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Department Calendar, September 2014:
  3: 19:00 Regular Monthly Meeting, Memorial Hall
  6: 13:00 Standby, Block Party, Meadowlark Drive. One engine.
10: 19:00 Scheduled Drill, Station. Topic: Vehicle Rescue, Session 2
16 18:30 Meeting, Scott Township EMS Board of Directors, Glendale
16: 19:15 Meeting, Scott Township Fire District Board of Directors, Glendale
17: 19:00 Scheduled Drill, Station. Topic: Mayday calls and response
18: 19:00 Meeting, South Hills Firemen's Association, Pike Inn, Houston
24: 19:00 Scheduled Drill, Station. Topic: Line Officers Meeting and operator training
27: 08:00 Standby, cleanup detail, Bower Hill Road and Vanadium Road. Two apparatus
30: 18:30 Class, Basic Vehicle Rescue Awareness, Session 1, Bridgeville VFD

Apparatus Notes
  • Engine 1 has been reconfigured for support operations, RIT, rescue, vehicle fire and all non-fire responses. Please review the new equipment locations in this and all other apparatus.
  • The new air gauge in the compressor compartment on Engine 1 does not operate when the vehicle is not running. Use the dash gauge to check air pressure.
Equipment Notes
  • The CO2 fire extinguisher on Engine 3 is out of service.
  • The new hydrant connection has been installed on Engine 2. It is a straight Bliss connection, and it is attached to the supply hose. The Humat valve has been removed from service.
Training Opportunities
  • The US Fire Administration offers many of its courses through its on-line Virtual Campus. Included in the offerings are the Incident Command courses IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700 that every firefighting member of the department needs. The course materials are downloadable at the site. Click here to visit the Virtual Campus.
  • Course schedules for the Fall 2014 term for many local fire schools are posted at the station. Sign up early to assure yourself a spot.
  • Bridgeville VFD is hosting a Basic Vehicle Rescue class at Station 117, beginning September 30th. Sign up list at the station. The class will meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:30pm to 10:00pm, and all day Sunday, 8:00 am to 4:00pm. The course will include three modules, at the awareness, operations and technician levels. You may sign up for any or all modules for which you meet the prerequisites.
Operational Issues
  • All operators: Remember to refuel any vehicle that has less than 3/4 tank of fuel, complete the driver log sheet, and plug the vehicle in to the shoreline after every use, emergency call or not.
  • Engine 1 is to be the first out engine for all motor vehicle collisions, rescue responses including high-angle, elevator, water, structure collapse, confined space, trench and below-grade rescues, RIT assistance, water removal, pumping detail, electrical emergency, hazard isolation, hazard clean-up and hazardous materials incidents, as well as all other non-structure-fire responses. It is to be a support unit only at structure fires. It can be used for primary response to vehicle fires.
  • Engine 2 and Engine 3 are to be first out for all structure fire responses. Engine 2 is configured for optimum use at residential structure fires, and Engine 3 is configured for optimum use at commercial structure fires. Either can be a support unit only at non-fire and rescue incidents. Engine 2 can be used as a primary response unit at vehicle fires as well, and any engine can be used for outdoor trash, brush or debris fires.

Administrative Issues
  • All absence excuse requests for regular monthly meetings must be made in writing, and must be submitted to the department secretary by e-mail or by written or printed copy, no later than 48 hours after the scheduled start time of the meeting. No other excuses will be considered. Written or printed excuses must be placed in the secretary's mail slot at the station, or be delivered by hand.
  • The revisions to the department by-laws were passed at the September 2013 meeting. See Jerry for a copy. Replace the copy in your department binder with the new copy.
  • In compliance with state law, effective September 11, 2008, smoking is absolutely prohibited anywhere in the station and hall at all times, and within 15 feet of any open door or garage door.
  • No member who is a high school student is permitted in the station or on the scene of any call or department activity (except those at or for the high school) between the hours of 06:30 and 15:00 on any day when school is in session. No guests are permitted in the station between 23:00 and 07:00 except for official department functions or rentals.
  • Remember that all department correspondence must go through the department secretary. There are no exceptions.

Other Information

  • Station staffing shifts have been discontinued until further notice at the direction of the department president.
  • St. Clair Hospital has requested a standby crew to provide protection for its clean-up crews on Bower Hill Road and Vanadium Road, Saturday, September 27th from 8:00 to noon. Meet at St. Clair Hospital, second floor dining room at 8:00. We need at least two drivers to position an apparatus in front of and behind the crews. Sign up at the station.
  • Cub Scot Pack 262 will be doing a fire prevention station visit on October 6th at 6:00 p.m. We need a full crew to assist. Please sign up at the station.

Bower Hill VFD
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