Bower Hill Volunteer Fire Department

Personalized Engraved Brick Fundraiser

Bower Hill VFD has started a project to build a memorial brick wall on the front of our fire station. These bricks are personalized for each and every person that purchases one, with up to three lines of text. This can be a personal message or a memorial to a family member who served.

This project’s goal is to raise funds for the fire department in a way that is both financially beneficial to our department, but that can also create a lasting tie with our community. Without our residents and businesses, Bower Hill VFD would not be here to offer the services that we do.


4”x 8” brick with three lines of text for $60.

  8” x 8” brick with up to 6 lines of text for $100.


To place an order, please visit:

For more information please contact Brandon Mahr at (412) 956-1301,
or email