Primary Service Area:
(All figures approximate)
Area: 1.2 square miles
Population Served : 5,700

Department Information:
Station Address: 161 Vanadium Road, Scott Township
Station Geographical Location: Latitude: 40deg. 22' 28"N, Longitude: 80deg. 05' 33"W
Mailing Address: 161 Vanadium Road, Bridgeville PA 15017-3025
Emergency Phone Number: 911
Business Phone Number: 412-221-3497
Fax Phone Number: 412-221-3990
Emergency Dispatch Center: Allegheny County Communications
Dispatch Radio Frequency: (Fire Channel 1) Rcv: 471.7375MHz
Fireground Radio Frequencies: (Fire Channel 2) Rcv: 471.6375MHz
(Fire Channel 3) Rcv: 472.7375MHz
(Fire Channel 4) Rcv: 471.4625MHz
Station Identifier: Station 255

Number of Operational Members: 40
Number of Support Members: 57

Total Membership: 97

Total Training Hours, combined, by all members (2010): 887.5
Total Incident Hours, combined, by all members (2004): 1,678