by: Amy Philips Haller

" Have you ever contemplated joining the fire services? Are you in your 30's or 40'sand think it's too late? Is this something you have always wanted to do but just didn't know how? John Vaccarello, Bower Hill Firefighter, oncefelt the same way.

"If I had known itwas this easy to join, I would have done it 10 or 15 years ago. I always wanted to sign up, but never knew how," stated Vaccarello. "Ifit wasn't for my step-son, I wouldn't become a member." He is referring to Jordan Fascetti, junior firefighter with Station 255. "EveryWednesday night, I was dropping him off and picking him up for drills; and I started talking to my wife about it. Anyhow, Jordon wasvolunteering at the Open House event. and we stopped by to see him. I was looking at the air tanks when I began talking to Officer DaveMartz. I admitted to him that I was always interested in firefighting, but I never knew how to become a member. Before I knew it, I had anapplication!"

It's been over a yearsince John has joined the department. Now forty-one, Vaccarello remembers what it was like when he took his firefighting trainingcourse,

"When I took Essentials, I was surprised to see that there were a lot of guys theremy age. I realized if this is something you have always wanted to do, there is no reason not to. You're never too old to begin! Just stopdown at the station and let someone know you want to join.

 "Look, I havebeen doing this for a little over one year, and I can't help myself now! I knew I was hooked when there was a water main break, and wehelped this little old lady. She seemed so scared, and the desperate look in her eyes said it all when she declared, "I don't know what Iwould have done without you boys."

The fire Serviceindustry is in need of volunteers. Membership is dwindling in size, and response time is increasing as a result. The Bower Hill Volunteer FireDepartment is always looking for a men and women who would like to join. As members of this community it is our responsibility to takecare of our community. We are your neighbors, and we have made that choice; we hope you will too. If you want more information, pleasecontact us at 412-221-3497 and we'll help get you started!