Chassis Year: 1960
Chassis Manufacturer: GMC Truck Division of General Motors, Pontiac, MI Assembly Plant
Chassis Model: Series 2500 Panel
Chassis VIN: 2503PN5235B
Vehicle GVW Rating: 10,000 Pounds
Wheelbase: 133 inches
Engine Type: GMC 305CID (5.0L) V6 gasoline, 150 HP
Transmission Type: GM SM-420 Synchromesh Four-speed manual
Apparatus Type: Combination Ambulance, Squad and Booster Car
Apparatus Manufacturer: Malenock's Garage, McKees Rocks, PA
Apparatus Model: Unknown
Builder's Number: Unknown
Pump Type: Oberdorfer 13510 Rotary Gear
Flow Capacity: 90 GPM
Tank Capacity: 150 US Gallons
Hose Load: 250' x 1" (booster reel)
Date Delivered: August 10, 1960
Purchase Price: $5,895.65
Purchased From: Chassis: William Clancy GMC, Scott Township, PA; Apparatus: Malenock's Garage, McKees Rocks, PA
Current Status: Retired, 1973
Disposition: Sold to private business for $525.00