Chassis Year: 1969
Chassis Manufacturer: Cadillac Division of General Motors, Detroit, MI
Chassis Model: Commercial
Chassis VIN: Z9-238380
Vehicle GVW Rating: 7,500 Pounds
Wheelbase: 156 inches
Engine Type: Cadillac 472 CID (7.8L) V8 gasoline, 375 HP
Transmission Type: GM Turbo-Hydramatic Three-Speed Automatic
Apparatus Type: Ambulance (pre-GSA specification)
Apparatus Manufacturer: Superior Coach Corporation, Lima, OH
Apparatus Model: 69-616
Builder's Number: 69-616-850
Date Delivered: June 7, 1969
Purchase Price: $17,780.00
Purchased From: Pfund Superior Sales, Lower Burrell, PA
Current Status: Retired, May 18, 1980
Disposition: Sold to private owner in Beaver County, PA