Chassis Year: 1973
Chassis Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Oakville, ON (Canada) Assembly Plant
Chassis Model: F350 Custom
Chassis VIN: F37YCS22251
Vehicle GVW Rating: 10,000 Pounds
Wheelbase: 137 inches
Engine Type: Ford 360 CID (5.9L) V8 gasoline, 208 HP
Transmission Type: Ford Four-speed manual
Apparatus Type: Mini-Pumper and Light Rescue
Apparatus Manufacturer: Pierce Manufacturing, Appleton, WI
Apparatus Model: PDQ
Builder's Number: 7973.C
Pump Type: Waterous Single Stage Centrifugal
Flow Capacity: 300 GPM
Tank Capacity: 200 US Gallons
Hose Load: 600' x 2.5" (supply); 200' x 1.5" (attack); 250' x 1" (booster reel)
Date Delivered: October 15, 1973
Purchase Price: $13,645.00
Purchased From: Arthur C. Page Associates, Dravosburg, PA
Current Status: Retired, February 1992. Currently privately owned in Cave City, AR.
Disposition: Sold to fire apparatus dealer, March 16, 1992 for $5,000