Banner Photo courtesy of: Wisconsin Historical Society Archives (used with permission, Image ID 49769)

Chassis Year: 1926
Chassis Manufacturer: International Harvester, Chicago, IL
Chassis Model: S
Chassis VIN: Unknown
Vehicle GVW Rating: Unknown. 1-1/2 Ton payload
Wheelbase: Unknown
Engine Type: International, inline, gasoline
Transmission Type: Three-speed manual
Apparatus Type: Combination chemical car and hose wagon
Apparatus Manufacturer: International Harvester, Chicago, IL
Apparatus Model: Unknown. (Possibly B-3)
Builder's Number: Unknown
Chemical Type: Soda-acid pressurized, dual tank
Flow Capacity: Unknown
Tank Capacity: (2)x 40 Gallons
Hose Load: 1000' x 2.5"; 200' x 1" (chemical reel)
Date Delivered: November 25, 1926
Purchase Price: Unknown
Purchased From: Unknown
Current Status: Retired, February, 1944 because of mechanical failure.
Disposition: Unknown. Last written documentation shows it at Williard Brothers Garage, Main Street, Bridgeville, on April 14, 1944, out of service with no repair parts available. A photo dated July 16, 1944, shows it in a parade, with the chemical tanks and reel removed, and a large box-like structure in their place. May have been donated to a WWII scrap drive.