Chassis Year: 1957
Chassis Manufacturer: American LaFrance, Elmira, NY
Chassis Model: 800 Series
Chassis VIN: L-5526
Vehicle GVW Rating: 21,000 Pounds
Wheelbase: 160 inches
Engine Type: American LaFrance Model J 526 CID (8.6L) V-12, gasoline, 215HP
Transmission Type: Five-speed manual with two-speed rear axle
Apparatus Type: Triple Combination Pumper
Apparatus Manufacturer: American LaFrance, Elmira, NY
Apparatus Model: D-875-PJC "Invader"
Builder's Number: L-5526
Pump Type: American LaFrance Twinflow two-stage (series-parallel) centrifugal
Flow Capacity: 750GPM
Tank Capacity: 300 US Gallons
Hose Load: 1200' x 2.5" (supply); (2) x 10' x 4.5" (hard suct.); (2) x 10' x 2.5" (hard suct.); 200' x 2.5" (attack); (2) x 250' x 1.5" (attack); 200' x 1" (booster reel)
Date Delivered: June 20, 1957
Purchase Price: $19,836.00
Purchased From: American LaFrance Pittsburgh Sales Office (Bill Evans), Mt. Lebanon, PA
Current Status: Retired, September 1, 1977
Disposition: Traded to American LaFrance for credit of $7,462.00, September 7, 1977