Chassis Year: 1962
Chassis Manufacturer: Willys Motors, Inc. Toledo, OH
Chassis Model: FC170 "Jeep"
Chassis VIN: 61568-15-10389
Vehicle GVW Rating: 9,000 Pounds
Wheelbase: 103 Inches
Engine Type: Willys 226.2 CID (3.7L) 6-cylinder inline, gasoline, 105 HP
Transmission Type:  Four-speed manual
Apparatus Type: Combination Light Rescue and Power Plant
Apparatus Manufacturer: Stahl Metal Products, Cleveland, OH (body); Doerr Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA (apparatus installation)
Apparatus Model: WO-107
Date Delivered: June 15, 1962
Purchase Price: $7,220.00
Purchased From: Chassis and Body: Corwin Sales and Service, Hickory, PA; Apparatus: Doerr Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA (Generator installation)
Current Status: Retired, June 1973
Disposition: Sold to private farm in West Virginia for $1,650.00 on June 6, 1973

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